Hawaiian Studies

Here you can find the links to my Hawaiian Studies projects:





Hawai'i Core Standards for Social Studies (HCSSS) Link


Hawai'i Alive [Bishop Museum] - Unterrichtsmaterial und Quellen Link


Department of Land and Natural Resources/Devision of State Parks Link 


HawaiiHistory.org Link


Learning Design - Social Studies (hawaiipublicschools.org)


Moʻokūʻauhau Link


Hawaiian Chants and Manuscript Collection/hawaii.gov Link


Kumukahi Link


Ulukau - The Hawaiian Electronic Library Link


Awaiaulu Link


Genealogy Link


The Hawaiian Mission Houses Collection Link


Honolulu Community College/Hawaiian Studies - Link


BYU/Archives Link


Bishop Museum/Hawaii Alive Link


KS/Midkliff Learning Center Link


Natiobal Park Service/Native Hawaiian Heritage & Culture Link




Ulukau > Open Source Repository


Dibble, Shaldon: History of the Sandwich Islands. Lahaina 1843. Link


Malo, David: Hawaiian Antiquity. Honolulu [1889] 1903. Link Link


Kalakaua, David: The Legends and Myths of Hawaii. The fables and folk-lore of a strange people. New York 1888. Link


Kumulipo Link


Wernhart, Karl: Der König von Hawaii in Wien 1881Der Besuch des polynesischen Herrschers Kalakaua. Wien 1987. Link


Materielle Kultur:


Weltmuseum Wien Onlinesammlung Cook-Collection


Staatliche Museen zu Berlin/ Preußischer Kulturbesitz Onlinesammlung


Universität Göttingen/ Cook-Forster-Collection, Online Collection


The British Museum Online Collection


Bishop Museum, Honolulu Ethnology Online Collection Anthropology Collection


Cook Collection Australia Onlinesammlung










Louvre (Paris), 2020

Historical Culture/ Public History

Jean Charlot (artist) Link


"Aloha im Dreivierteltakt" (A, 2015)/ Regie: Christian Riehs Link


Looser, Diana: Remaking Pacific Pasts. History, Memory, and Identity in Contemporary Theater from Oceania. Honolulu 2014 . Link

Annexation of Hawaii (Standford History Education Group) Link


Decolonising the History Curriculum/ Euroclio Link



Journal of the Polynesian Society Link


Teaching Oceania Series Link